General/IV Anesthesia Pre and Post Instructions...

The instructions herein must be strictly adhered to before commencing with anesthesia. Neglecting any of the following may compel the doctor to cancel the start of treatment.

  • Eating and Drinking: Patients for morning treatment shall have no food or liquid after midnight. Those for afternoon treatment may have non-fat solids six (6) hours before your scheduled appointment, and clear liquids up to three (3) hours preoperatively.
  • Medications: All medications should normally be taken at the regular time, including the morning of the procedure unless otherwise agreed upon by this office, and may be taken only with a sip of water before arriving.
  • Clothing and Makeup: Your child should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing (no tight jeans) with short sleeves to the appointment. Bring a change of clothing with you.
  • Change in Health: Any change in health, especially the development of a cold or fever, is very important. For your safety, you may be reappointed for another day. If possible, inform the office of any change in health prior to your appointment.
  • Arrival: Your child must be accompanied by at least one, preferably two responsible adults for the anesthetic appointment. Attend to bowel and urinary needs prior to the appointment. Plan to arrive a few minutes early so the doctor may review treatment details and medical history.